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Beachy waves and soft curls are the new trends that have taken the fashion world by storm. If you have thin or sparse hair on your head, using hair extensions clip in options is an ideal choice.

If you are new to hair extensions, this article is the best guide to help you get the perfect look. Read on to understand the different ways to add trendy waves and curls to your clip-in hair extensions.

How Does Adding Curls or Waves to Hair Extensions Work?

The global curling irons market size, valued at $3.22 billion in 2018, is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 5.8 percent from 2019 to 2025.

When making hairstyles with extensions, you must use sections no larger than one to two inches wide to achieve this look. It may be helpful to use a heat-protecting product before applying the heat to help avoid damage.

Be sure that you are clamping down close to the base of the clip-in hair extensions, furthest from your scalp.

To add curls or waves on a larger scale, grab larger sections between three and four inches wide. Once again, be careful not to hold any curl for too long lest you risk damaging your extensions.

Steps to Achieve the Perfect Curls or Waves for Your Hair

  1. Apply a small amount of curl-enhancing product to your wet hair extensions
  2. Use a hairdryer to heat the section of hair you are curling for about thirty to sixty seconds.
  3. Hold one end of the clip in each hand and wrap the section around the iron barrel, leaving an inch or two at the end.
  4. Squeeze for a couple of seconds and release without moving your hands to set the curl in place.
  5. Repeat on all the other sections you need to curl or wave.
  6. Allow your hair extensions with clip-in to cool before touching them with your bare hands.

Points to Remember Before you Start Styling your Hair

To achieve more natural waves and curls, you must allow your hair extensions to air dry and style as you will.

The type of iron or wand that you use is essential as well. If you prefer more defined waves and curls, consider using a curling wand with an inch-wide barrel. You can also use a medium-sized curling iron.

You must be mindful of the heat to ensure it does not damage your hair extensions.

Tips to Maintain your Curls and Waves All Day Long

When you are finished, undo your clip-in hair extensions and brush them out so that your waves or curls will last for multiple days. Re-wrap a small section around the curling iron before releasing it to achieve an added wave or curl.

For extra hold, apply hairspray to your finished waves or curls.

To curl or wave your clip-in hair extensions in one significant step, wrap the entire head around the wand or curling iron.

Be sure to cover every piece of hair with either product before clamping down on it for fifteen seconds to achieve a tight curl. Repeat this process on each section of hair and allow it to cool before undoing the clip-in hair extensions.

You can make up your mind whether or not you want your curls or waves to remain relatively tight, with defined curls and ringlets, or loose and wavy.

To add tight curls, hold the end of your section around the barrel for around eight seconds before releasing it into place. To add loose waves, allow your curling iron or wand to remain in place for up to twenty seconds.

Which Type of Hair Extensions Should You Choose?

The type of hair extensions you use is also essential-only heat-friendly hair extensions can be heated in the way that is required to add waves or curls.

Whenever you curl your hair extensions, keep a close eye on them for signs of heat damage such as frizziness and dryness.

If this happens despite taking precautions, consider cutting off the affected pieces and replacing them with new ones from your clip-ins.

Essential Factors to Consider for Hair Extensions

If you are using heat-friendly synthetic extensions, feel free to use your curling iron or wand to add waves or curls.

You must be aware that it may take longer than usual for the heat to penetrate the hair entirely. Be sure to use a heat-protecting product beforehand, which you can find at your local beauty store!

If you are using 100 percent human hair extensions, do not use the curling iron or wand to damage them. Instead, air dry your hair and twist each piece of hair before sleep to add waves or curls the next day.

If you are using heat-friendly human hair extensions, use your curling iron or wand in the same way as mentioned above and be aware of any signs of damage, such as dryness and frizziness.

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