Thu, 11 Aug 2022

Raising a bilingual child can be difficult but the outcome will be worth the struggle. Bilingual children are capable of acquiring many benefits. They are better in problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and above all they have better career options in adulthood. It is easier for bilingual children to socialize with other people having different cultural values. Such children are open minded and very tolerant. They also rarely experience mental health issues when they grow up. Learning a second language at an early age is much easier because a child's brain is faster in acquiring new things as compared with adults.

Nowadays learning a second language is not difficult due to technological advancements and instant access to the resources. New methodologies are being developed to fasten the learning process. Increased demand for language programs has created a new market for language learning classes. If you want to teach your children German, Spanish or Mandarin then there is no need to pay huge tuition fees. Instead you can choose the FunEasyLearn android app with free and paid courses including all widely spoken languages around the world.

Key benefits of learning a second language

There are numerous advantages of second language learning for children associated with both personal and professional life. Here are some lifelong benefits that this skill will bring for your child:

  • Learning a second language requires a lot of time and effort especially if you are an adult, but it is easier for a child and they are more likely to acquire skills faster.
  • Bilingual children experience better brain development than monolinguals, their minds are more flexible and they have better concentration, attention, multitasking and understanding abilities. Children capable of speaking additional languages also perform better in academic achievement.
  • When people think of making new friends, the first thing they look for is whether the other person speaks the same language or not. Because being able to speak the same language will help to socialize in a better way. Learn Arabic and you can speak with more than 274million people, Learn Spanish and you are good to speak with 534million people. Similarly if you are fluent in French or Russian then you have another list of around 600million people to communicate with.
  • It is the 21st century and almost every business has its presentation in different regions of the world. Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Walmart etc. are working in multiple countries having thousands of employees worldwide. Amazon alone has 1,298,000 employees under its network. Multilingual people are more likely to be hired and get a 10 to 15 percent higher salary compared to their monolingual fellows. The opportunity exists in many sectors like marketing, retail, tourism, NGOS, banking , law, public relations and administration. Bilingual people are also in huge demand for corporations who want to expand their business to foreign countries.

Help your child to learn an new language with FunEasyLearn

If you want to teach your child a new language with free language courses then there is no better option than FunEasyLearn. It is the best vocabulary app that comes with the best learning options to help your child build interest and learn fast. FunEasyLearn is the best language app for kids because of its top notch features. The app includes

Free courses: 34 free language courses that include widely spoken languages like German, Arabic,Spanish,Chinese,Polish,French,Japanese,Russian etc.

Fun way to learn: 30+ inbuilt games to grab personal interest of the kids and to help facilitate the learning process.

Learn from your mother tongue: Collection of 62 native languages helps learn faster as education in native language brings tremendous results.

Build Vocabulary: Vocabulary builder helps to read, write, speak and improve everyday conversational situations with access to more than 6000 words and 5000 sentences.

Topic selection: Choose the topic of interest for learning with access to 40+ main topics along with 300+ subtopics.

Gifs and Illustrations: Wide variety of hand drawn illustrations and Gifs for better attention.

Learn from audios: Enhance listening skills with the help of 300K high quality studio recorded audios.

The above mentioned list just covers a tiny fraction of this amazing app's features. Other attributes of this app include review manager, favorites, search, stats, hands free learning, placement tests , challenges, leaderboards and speech recognition.

Access to the biggest course content and language coverage available for both android and IOS. Click the link to download FunEasyLearn on IOS. Take a step further and help your child learn languages in an economical way to get lifelong gains.

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