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Reasons to Use BigTime for Project Management

28 Dec 2021, 23:02 GMT+10

BigTime software provides an inclusive project management building block. The software makes it easier for you to track status, define activities and tasks, as well as assign all the tasks. But that's not all. Read this post completely to know more about the reasons to use BigTime for your project management.

A Brief Intro about BigTime

BigTime is an innovative project management software. It provides valuable functions such as project planning, budgeting, time recording, and billing. The software works perfectly to help accountants, IT companies, engineers, and consultants to get the most out of their time.

In simple words, BigTime software is what your team needs to provide on-time billable work within your budget. This gives you a complete view of employee planning, customers, and engagement. More than that, BigTime also helps your team to track time, bill, and budget. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, the software has been used by more than 2000 professional companies so far.

Why Use BigTime?

Many BigTime software reviews provide positive feedback from those who have been using the software. The reviews provide some of the most interesting benefits of using this platform. What are they?

Offers Customizable Timesheet

The timesheet offered by BigTime contains all the required field types. The best thing is, you can organize them according to your needs. You can create daily and weekly timesheet views easily. On this customizable timesheet, you can add, rename or delete columns, automatically round time entries, and lock completed timesheet periods.

Provides Settings Security and Required Fields

You can limit access to timesheet data. This way, you can control sensitive data, reduce errors, and speed time recording. You can also set required fields that your staff or team members must fill in before saving. Another great thing is, you can also set custom user permissions.

Offers Smart Tracking Tools

BigTime reviews have also mentioned that the software comes with innovative time tracking tools. These tools provide intelligent lookups, user-controlled standards, customizable views, along with intuitive timesheet support.

Helps To Get Faster Billing

BigTime software is a perfect central hub for tracking drafts, billing rates, cost rates, billing rules, and PDF formats. This will help you and your team to create invoices faster and generate more revenue.

Creates Better Team Building

BigTime provides you with a real-time view of resource allocation. You can also avoid overs and shorts of planning. As a result, this will ensure the satisfaction of your advisory team. Eventually, the software creates better team building.

Manages Flexible Billing Rates

With this platform, you can manage billing rates and overwrite them as needed. You will be able to set billing rates for project tasks, employees, and work codes. Additionally, you can also create a base plan and an unlimited number of custom plans.

Offers Customizable Invoice Templates

You can use various templates to customize invoices that suit your customers' needs. You can also personalize and edit the template. Even better, you can select the details you want.

Accelerates the Project Progress

According to a BigTime review, this software comes with standardized review capabilities. This will help improve the overall accuracy of your team. With the help of reviews, you can avoid and eliminate time-consuming billing errors.

In addition, you can also approve expenses for specific projects. All the reviews can be automated. Meanwhile, the notifications and alerts can be sent to you when the expense reports are available.

Provides Standardized Workflow

You will be able to view the exact status of a project based on the due date and status of the project. By using BigTime software, you can also assign the right person for the right project and define due dates. Accordingly, you can track multiple projects using custom status and task types.

What Are the Main Features?

Now you know that BigTime software is preferred for valid reasons. However, how can you be assured that this is the right software for your project management?

To help you decide, let's take a look at the main features of this software.

Expense Tracking Feature

All the expenses will be linked to billable customer projects or internal project records. You can then track billable or internal project costs, device usage, and mileage.

Billing Feature

BigTime provides flexible billing options to increase your income by being billed for your project's work-in-progress. The invoice submitted can be immediately reviewed for approval and payment. You can also view and classify the entry details as you need. Additionally, you can also replenish the costs such as regular service charges and device usage.

Time and Material Accounting Feature

BigTime uses automated tools to simplify costing. This way, you can send a detailed invoice to your customer. Then, you can recalculate the invoice when the entry is deleted. The software also helps you to create more detailed invoices with options that indicate employees, tasks, departments, project roles, or work codes.

Lookup Fields Feature

This feature works perfectly to reduce clicks, avoid scrolling, and provide quick time tracking. With this feature, you can display only the required fields and autocomplete the fields.

Work In Progress Management Feature

This one helps you to manage unpaid expenses and time to improve cash flow. You will get complete transparency and work in process in a date range.

Tasks and Budget Tracking Feature

With BigTime software, you can easily track all tasks. Then you can set them on a project-by-project basis while allocating spending budgets. You can also manage secure information by giving your team members custom access.

Gantt Charts Feature

Gantt charts feature makes your visual task management easier. You can place the project on the timeline and see how the components are combined. This way, you can highlight essential paths and dependencies.

Custom Report Feature

Most BigTime software reviews admit that this feature helps a lot in creating custom reports in real-time. You can assign usage metrics to sort by role, department, and employee. You can additionally create a line chart. This chart will be useful to compare your budget with your actual spending, and then analyze efficiency every month.

Integration Feature

BigTime supports comprehensive integration and combines them with your existing setting. You can integrate the software easily with QuickBooks, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, and Google Apps. Most importantly, you can also integrate it into existing IDs and codes. This will help you to avoid double input between systems.

Bigtime Pricing Plans

Now let's talk about how much BigTime price you will need to pay. The software offers BigTime pricing plans that allow you to choose the most suitable one.

Here are the plans:

  • The Express plan is offered at $10 per month for minimum of 5 users
  • The Pro plan is offered at $30 per month for minimum of 5 users
  • The Premier plan is offered at $40 per month for minimum of 5 users

Well, which plan from BigTime software will suit your business needs? The options are there!

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