Thu, 11 Aug 2022

As a motorbike enthusiast, you don't mind spending hours and splurging thousands of dollars on your bike to make it look as you want to. You would like to install a new gadget on your motorcycle to make it more comfortable and a little bit of swag.

Two-wheeler modification is one of the rising trends. People are not too fond of stock motorcycles, and this is why the first thing they do after purchasing a new bike is to run it through several modifications.

Modifying the bike not only improves the performance but gives you something to show off in front of your biker buddies.

Although modifications do play an important role in enhancing the performance of these mechanical beasts, somewhere, people forget to investigate the impact of these modifications on the insurance premiums and the laws that you need to be aware of.

When you are modifying your bike, there are just too many things to consider. If you are doing this for the first time, you might find this article helpful.

Modifying Your Motorcycle: Learn The Right Way!

For motorcyclists, changing the bike or making any modification can be a personal experience. After all, it is the way they express themselves.

If you want to ensure that your modification goes smoothly and you get all the right parts without any issues, kawasaki race kits can help you get all the necessary parts at affordable prices.

However, before you can start with your modification, there are a few things that you would like to consider.

1. Follow The Law

Modification of motorcycles comes with different laws to consider. The motorcycles are manufactured after complying with all the rules and regulations. That means, if you are modifying your two wheels, you might be breaking the law or two.

Hence, before you plan your modification, reflect on your modification of the bike's registration certificates.

2. Prioritize The Function

When people think about making modifications to their bikes, they mostly focus on aesthetics. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. However, the only downside of giving your motorcycle an aesthetic look is that you can enjoy it for only a short period of time.

You don't have to say no to aesthetics completely but balance it properly with the function, which can give you long-term results.

3. Inform Your Insurance Company

It is important that you keep your insurance company updated about your bike modification. If you fail to do so and fall victim to any accidents, the insurance company can completely deny your insurance claim.

The importance of letting your insurance company know about the modification lies in the fact that certain modification increases the risk. That means your insurance premium needs a re-evaluation.

4. Install Anti-Theft Devices

If you are modifying your motorcycle, this might be the best opportunity to install some anti-theft devices. It will not only deter any fraudulent activity but also lower your insurance premium.

5. Adjusting Suspension Set up

While you are modifying your motorcycle, try to focus on its suspension. Adjusting the suspension according to your riding style will help you elevate the performance of the bikes.

Right suspension setting means improved bike handling, the quality of the ride improves, and it becomes safer.

6. Custom Lightings

Only the expensive machines come with effective lighting. That means there is a possibility that you need to put some effort into your bike's lighting. If you are adding customs light to your modification, focus on pencil beam driving lights. They certainly allow you to see greater distances.

7. Hire Trusted Professional

Changing the look of the bike can be costly, and hence, it must be left in the hands of professionals.

Do not give your bike in the hands of a local mechanic in the hope of saving a couple of hundred bucks. Instead, put your trust in the professionals who understand the bike and do modifications your bike can stand.


The modification doesn't mean changing only the motorcycle; it also means changing all the other things related to the modification. For instance, modifying your motorcycle will change your insurance premiums and the law on the bike.

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