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Why Companies Are Seeking Google Voice Alternatives?

07 Jan 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

The world of technology is going through extreme development and if we want to survive it is high time to catch up. If we look at the last three decades, we will see companies going from zero and becoming heroes. On the contrary, we have seen companies that were once considered top tier and were part of fortune five hundred, taking a nosedive and running out of business. Most of the companies who took nosedive were once considered too big to fail but soon after they refused to update the technology they crashed. Now, if we look at some of the most important companies, we will see the apple, google, meta, and Microsoft at the forefront bearing the flag of innovation and trying to surpass each other in technology.

As an attempt to move towards better technology, companies start to move towards a free version so they can get used to the newer technology. However, as they become well adjusted, they move to an advanced paid version offering them better services. It seems like google voice was once one of the most used office VoIP software for communication. As technology is improving, companies are now moving towards better options. It seems that Google has become a pit-stop for businesses who want to explore new technology. However, as soon as they figure out the disadvantages they shift to better options.

Why Companies Choose Google Voice?

Google Voice is a VoIP-based communication service that is offered by Google. Initially launched in 2009, google voice went through a detailed overhaul in 2017. This app offers you to call by using just a single number to all your devices via using the internet.

Google voice offers, some of the best VoIP features which will help you start your business with minimum communication cost. Some of the main features that lure customers include:

Free Domestic Calls

By using google voice you can call anyone within your country and there are no charges at all.

Group Chats

Google voice offers you a group messaging service where you can add your team and send them free SMS or MMS.

International Calling

So far, the most used and most mentioned feature of google voice is international calling. Google voice offers a cheaper international calling option so you can internationally call without paying too much. With a traditional phone system, the international call might cost you an arm and leg. However, Google offers extremely affordable international calling charges that can range between one to five cents per minute only.

Personalize IVR

For official business calls, you can set personalized IVR so that you do not have to greet people every time you pick the call. This helps in reducing the overall call handling time as well.

Recording and Forwarding

Mostly used as the standard business feature, you can easily forward the call to your supervisor or your boss. Another important feature is the call recording feature that allows you to keep a record of all conversations.

Voice to Message Service

This is a very good option for people who do not have enough time to type a text. Voice transcription helps people to convert their voicemails into texts.

If you are running a business and using google voice, it is high time to look for a Xinix google voice alternative. Here are some of the main reasons, most companies are ready to make the switch from google voice to other alternatives.

No Helpdesk

As the company gets bigger, handling 24/7 customer service for a free app means you are exhausting your budget. This is exactly what google voice believes. Even if you are facing some serious issue, there is no way you can call right up to resolve issues. Instead, you can either search online or send them an email.

No Upgrade

After its launch in 2009, the company upgraded the features in 2017 which says a lot about the technology and importance of google voice. Experts say, google might follow this precedent and it will take another few year for them to upgrade their service just to meet the needs of customers.

No Premium Feature

Small businesses who are looking forward to relying on google voice for the rest of their life might have to face serious consequences. Mainly because google voice offers a very limited feature. If you are looking for premium features including auto-reply feature, conference call feature, auto attendant, or queue calling, you will have to switch to a better option.

No Surety About Security

As tech companies are getting bigger, more people are getting aware of the data breach. Experts believe if something is free, it is going to have no security. So, if you are concerned about the security of your company, you need to switch.

Much Better and Cheaper Options

Although most people use google voice only, however, there are so many different VoIP-based companies offering cheaper and better services. Xinix is the best Google Voice Alternative that offers reliable service, cheaper options, and easy customization with 24/7 customer care service.

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