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The best way you can switch business energy suppliers

30 Jul 2022, 18:42 GMT+10

You need to switch your business energy regularly so that you can save tons of money each year. Currently, there are many households and businesses that are paying the most expensive energy tariffs to their energy providers just because they didn't switch energy suppliers for more than a year. This is the reason why it makes sense to use Utility Bidder to help you switch energy suppliers.

Remember that energy brokers usually work with several energy suppliers, so there is a good chance that they can find you an energy contract that meets your needs. A good energy broker should help you find the best energy deal. Besides using energy brokers to help you switch your gas and electricity suppliers, there are also other ways you can make the switching process go smoothly. This article discusses the best way you can switch business energy suppliers.

Comparison websites

A comparison website can contrast various electricity and gas deals offered by different energy suppliers. These sites usually ask you to provide your property details, current energy costs, and many more. Once you find an energy deal that suits your business, you need to contact the energy provider to sign up for the energy contract.

When your current energy deal expires, the energy supplier can decide to automatically move you to their standard variable energy tariffs. But if you desire to get the best energy deal, it's a good idea to set reminders so that you can repeat this process, which can be every six months.

The major problem with such comparison sites is that they tend to be biased. This is because they can only show the energy suppliers that give them a commission. As a result, this makes it hard for energy consumers to find the right energy deal that fits their business model.

Charity advice

Some business owners can decide to use the advice of some companies that they trust, such as charities to compare energy providers. They can sometimes give impartial energy advice to help you get the best energy deals. The charity companies do this by pointing out which energy suppliers may suit your business needs, so you can switch energy suppliers when you find the right one.

The problem is that you then need to contact the potential energy provider and sign up yourself. And, if you want to regularly switch your energy suppliers to get the best energy deal, you need to repeat the process and see if the charity has canceled your current contract, updated their recommendation, and signed up with a new energy supplier.

But you need to be careful when it comes to dealing with charity companies. You can find some charities that push energy tariffs on their customers that are more expensive than the cheapest offers on the market. Hence, whatever you choose, ensure that you research properly.

Compare energy tariffs on energy suppliers' websites

Energy suppliers can let you get energy quotes directly from their sites. You can find some energy suppliers that offer exclusive energy deals for their new customers only if you visit their websites. This means that you have to manually check each gas and electricity deal from each energy provider.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider when comparing energy suppliers and energy tariffs. These include energy prices, customer satisfaction scores, green energy tariffs, and fixed energy deals. The best way you can figure out which energy supplier to switch to is to research so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best energy deal.

You should note that your energy supplier can transfer you to their standard variable rate when your energy deal expires. Therefore, you need to set up regular reminders and compare energy deals regularly so that you can stay on the best energy deal.

Auto-switching services

Automatic switching happens to be a new service that has recently become popular in the energy industry. Having an auto-switching service is just like having someone who can research to find the cheapest electricity and gas deal on the market. The good thing about this service is that you just need to join once, so you need to enter your details and property, and they take it from there.

When there is a better energy deal, which can be between every six and nine months, they can notify you by providing details of the switch. In most cases, the risk is minimal because you are offered a 14-day cooling-off period which allows you to cancel the switch and nothing can happen to your gas and electricity supplies.

If you decide to make the switch before the expiry of your current energy tariff, your energy supplier cannot move to the more expensive standard variable energy tariff. Also, the switching service can ensure that it regularly checks for the best energy tariffs available on the market and select an energy supplier that meets your needs. The search can consider various factors, such as energy usage, meter type, region, and many more to customize the energy deal to the specific energy consumers.

That said, you can find a variety of auto-switching companies on the market. Some of them offer free services while others charge a certain fee. But you need to note that not all of these auto-switching companies have your best interest at heart. In most cases, these companies tend to offer you only the energy suppliers that pay them a commission. As a result, you may not have a wide choice when it comes to choosing the best energy supplier for your business.

In conclusion, it's crucial to regularly review the energy deals available on the market so that you can pay the best energy price. There are various ways you can decide to switch energy suppliers. It makes sense to use the right method so that you can find an energy deal that suits your business. In this way, you stand a good chance of lowering your energy bills. Above all, energy prices keep on changing on the market, so you need to regularly switch energy suppliers.

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