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How Can You Choose the Right Air Purifier?

10 Aug 2022, 17:24 GMT+10

Air pollution largely affects our body's organs. However, air quality may also impact how you feel. In addition, studies demonstrate a clear link between moodiness and air pollution. So, how can you manage your everyday life and mood? The top air filters and purifiers can be handy in such circumstances.

The sizes of air purifiers vary widely. So, how can you determine the size of the air purifier you require? Let's examine the three phases involved in determining the right purifier you require and how the CADR metric might be useful in this process.

Choosing the Most Suitable Air Purifier

Since the pandemic and the rise in the number of people working from home, the need for air purifiers has increased. An air purifier will effectively remove any airborne contaminants from your home's air, including smoking, pollen, and dust.

Some air filters have even been promoted as having the ability to catch particles carrying the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, your requirements might vary from others. So, here's how you can choose the right air purifier.

The Space Factor

Firstly, you need to identify the area you want your air purifier to clean. This will help select the right air purifier. Large living areas require heavier air purifiers, which may be overkill in your child's bedroom. Small desktop devices are ineffective in large living spaces.

Measure the floor's area in square feet or square meters. To obtain the total volume, multiply this figure by the room's height or area. If the amount is estimated in cubic feet, divide it by 35 to obtain the amount in cubic meters. You can find the size coverage on air purifiers as well. So, compare your area's size to choose the right air purifier.

Calculate the CADR

After this, you must determine the amount of "power" required by an air purifier to clean the air volume in step 1. The CADR rating of an air purifier indicates how much air it can filter. More air can be cleaned per hour by an air purifier with a higher CADR rating.

To begin, we must multiply the space's volume by three. The result of dividing the room's cubic volume (in meters) by three is the CADR (in cubic meters per hour) required of a purifier to clean the space. We multiply by three because most spaces should strive to have all their air cleansed three times per hour.

Strong air purifiers often have CADRs between 500 and 900 m3/hour. Multiple air purifiers could be necessary if the CADR is higher than this figure. Moreover, take a look at the air filter in such purifiers. For instance, a 24x24x1 air filter might offer enhanced power and filtration than other filters. So, choose the filter suitable for your room size.

Find the Suitable Air Purifier

Unfortunately, the requirements for air purifiers vary widely. Always check the CADR ratings and filter types when looking for an air purifier to understand how effective it will be for your particular needs.

Consider secondary qualities like noise levels and mobility once you've found an air purifier that delivers the greatest filtration for typical contaminants in your house and is the perfect size for your area. Ensure the air purifier's prices and continuous maintenance charges are also within your spending limit.

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