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5 Best Careers for Women in 2022

06 Sep 2022, 06:42 GMT+10

For centuries, proper access to the job market, career growth, and general self-fulfillment were unavailable for women. The activities that a woman could engage and excel in were pre-defined by gender roles and social scripts that deemed any mismatch as pathological. As every person can claim, professional fulfillment is one of the ways a human being arrives at self-actualization and learns how to enjoy their life. Years pass, and women gain more and more power to be who they are. They reclaim their fashion choices, rights, accomplishments, and opportunities to be employed where they want to work. Fortunately, gender is not decisive for a woman when she makes a job application. So, here is where to go for professional success.

Where can a woman find herself?

Today's job market has significantly fewer restrictions for women. Their rights to pursue any occupation they want are legally guaranteed and protected. Even though there are still a lot of microaggressions they can face at the workplace, they are free and encouraged to follow their dreams as professionals in whichever way they want. Hence, the career paths suitable for women nowadays are the positions that promise prospects and satisfaction. To pursue any profession with more confidence before an interview, try help from a top resume writing service, where expert writers will polish the application for any position. But where to look at?


In the past, women in healthcare were usually only allowed as nurses of low-education personnel. Healthcare employers did not even consider investing in education and employment of women for doctors positions. However, despite the social pressure, this career path is open for women, even though there are far more challenges on the way. Therefore, it is strategically prosperous for you, women, to invest in your career in medicine.

The education and training of a doctor takes dedication, time, and endless effort. However, this field provides qualification growth and decent pay. To format an application properly and get an interview invitation, check out how to list education on resume since it is helpful for constructing a resume in a logical and intelligible way. Then, it will make the right first impression on the hiring manager.

The branch of healthcare that stands out and opens new opportunities for women in psychology and counseling, so anyone can apply with the right training. Due to the peculiarities of socialization, empathy, and access to emotions, women make exceptional counselors. Currently, the care about mental health is an inseparable part of the public, interpersonal, media, and corporate discourse. So, this field is only going to expand, and a woman has a great chance to build a career doing what she is good at.

Information technology

Another field with equal and promising opportunities for female applicants is information technology. However, it is not only about the positions of a recruiter or a hiring manager. Today, a lot of women excel in such positions as developers, engineers, and designers. As the nature of work is intellectual, there are little to no stereotypes about key skills that a laborer should possess physically. Most of the work is done on computers, and today's women in technology do not only debunk intellectual stereotypes. They create revolutionary products and innovate the industry. There are a lot of things that a woman can bring to the table.

If you do not know where to start, you can send a job application for the quality assurance engineer position, which offers further growth in this field. It is easy to learn, as a short training allows one to land an interview in an IT company and start a career.

Supply chain management

This field is ideal for professional growth, and women have a lot of natural leadership and decision-making skills that will work well for a manager. This profession combines finance management and personal leadership. Plus, this field is growing along with the expansion of businesses, services, and product logistics.

The skill of building a process in business is nearly priceless. There is significant demand for skillful managers, and women win here due to well-developed soft skills and the ability to communicate with people effectively.


Undoubtedly, marketing is an extremely prosperous field nowadays, as businesses need to communicate and differentiate in terms of huge competition. This field offers women a huge variety of ways they can shine. For example, there is a creative communication field for the imaginative ones and more analytical or technical ones in the digital field for professionals who are better with numbers. This year, a profession that is really demanded in marketing is a market research analyst. The key skills required from the employees of such qualifications combine logic and psychology—this is the way the analyst can understand consumer behavior and use it for the business profit.

Agent or manager

For those who feel confident as a solo player, there is a career of personal agent or management. If your job search has led you here, the skills this one requires the most are understanding the talent, psychology, and an eye for opportunity. With a few soft skills and the right connection, one can build careers for:

  • Artist agent
  • Athlete agent
  • Entertainer manager,
  • Politicians PR agent
  • Internet celebrity manager
  • Public figure's manager
  • Career advice expert

In such a field, a woman needs to build her own brand, which is the way to excel as an agent, as one does not have to compete with other applications.

The job market for women is not as limited as it once was. Today, every woman's career and income are virtually in her own hands. To succeed professionally, one should go for the qualification they like and follow the path they have chosen, regardless of gender. So, the best way to tell is via general job trends!

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