Fri, 01 Dec 2023

Online learning is the new normal for students seeking to sharpen their existing skills or acquire new ones. It allows students to study on the phone without having to report to any campus. It is considered one of the most convenient ways to study for students at different levels.

Online learning is considered the study method of the future because of the advantages it presents over the existing methods of learning. However, it presents serious disadvantages that a student or guardian should consider before enrolling. Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.


  • Flexible study time

Online learning allows students to pick the most convenient study hours. A student is not confined to attending class during the day or on weekdays. Since you do not have to attend physical classes, you can get help from thesis writing service to enable you to fulfil the required study hours or complete assignments.

Flexible study hours allow you to maximize your economic activities. You can still work and take lessons during breaks. The materials are always available online. The best institutions monitor your time online instead of restricting you to specific study hours. It gives you the freedom to engage in other activities beyond schooling.

  • Cheap

The traditional way of attending college required students to travel to campuses. It meant spending on accommodation, food, and upkeep away from home. They were also removed from their ordinary economic activities because they had to study during the day. Colleges that hosted the students charged high fees to cater to the cost of maintaining the physical campuses.

Online learning is now cheaper and more affordable to students. Colleges have reduced fees because they can accommodate more students without spending huge amounts on physical infrastructure. Students can also continue working and studying during their free time, allowing them to continue their economic activities and achieve academic goals.

  • Increased access to quality education

Students have more choices when it comes to learning and access to quality education. The best colleges and institutions limited their intakes because they lacked the space to accommodate the huge numbers. Technology has allowed them to provide education to more people. More students can acquire prestigious degrees from the best institutions through online learning.

Increased access can also be felt in the number of students pursuing courses they could not enrol in because of the demand to attend classes physically and at a specific time. Adults can work and take care of families yet still squeeze in a few hours to take an online course. It makes it easier to sharpen their skills.


  • Eliminates education socialization

One of the most important aspects of education is socialization. Students meet in class, share ideas, and build networks. Online learning has taken away the socialization aspect of learning. A student will complete a course without meeting his teacher or classmates. It will spell an end to alum associations and the attachment to a particular institution. The students will also not benefit from the cultural exchanges that come with learning in the same environment.

  • Reduces teacher-student interaction

The presence of a teacher in the same environment is crucial in learning. You can easily pick facial expressions and emotions and also interact at a personal level. Computers and laptops distort sound and appearances. The interaction and benefits it offers to a student will be eliminated. It also eliminates structured learning since each student will be looking for personalized study schedules and environments.

Online learning offers the flexibility that every student desires. However, it takes away physical contact and interaction, which are the hallmarks of physical learning. You must balance the advantages and disadvantages to help you to make the best decision.

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