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What Causes Itching That Moves Around The Body

18 May 2023, 01:24 GMT+10

What causes itching that moves around the body? Do varicose veins itch in my legs? How to relieve itchy legs with varicose veins? What varicose veins treatments should I look for?

Itching that moves around the body is a reasonably frequent symptom after the appearance of varicose veins; in addition to the fatigue and heaviness of the area, an itch appears in the area of the varicose veins. This can be the most annoying symptom of varicose veins present, but there are treatments to treat the discomfort they may cause.

From USA Vein Clinic, we will explain the main reasons what causes itching that moves around the body and the possible solutions to ease blood clots in the leg.

What causes itching that moves around the body?

As a general rule, varicose veins appear very close to the skin's surface. Since they are defective valves, our body does not stop emitting signals so that we become aware of the condition, presenting difficulties in moving blood generally to the heart.

As a result of these veins not performing their function correctly, the body tries to solve this incident quickly. A quantity of this response is carried out hormonally; in the case of itchy legs due to varicose veins, the hormone histamine is responsible. This hormone causes an allergic reaction as a result of the malfunction of the veins, causing itching.

What should I do if varicose veins on my legs itch?

Although instinct leads us to scratch our legs to relieve the itching of varicose veins, it is not the best option either to calm the discomfort or treat it since the skin must be in charge of breaking down the irritation.

Scratching the varicose veins of the legs usually worsens the situation seriously because, at the time of scratching, we continue to deteriorate the state of the vein, causing trauma. These veins are found in superficial areas of the skin. Hence, the more we scratch the area, it will cause the greater deterioration of the vein, and, therefore, a more significant amount of histamine will be secreted and an increase in itching.

How to relieve itchy legs with varicose veins?

As we have said before, you should never scratch your legs to relieve the itching in the area with varicose veins, no matter how good an idea it may seem. It would be best to let the skin clear up the reaction.

Next, we leave you with varicose veins treatments that can help you when it comes to calming the irritation of varicose veins:

  • Playing sports: When we perform physical activities, the leg muscles contract and help the affected veins and valves move blood more efficiently to the heart.

  • Stockings to compress the legs:It is a handy measure, and they must exert pressure in the lower area and not in the upper area to help blood return.
  • Visit a specialist: If you need an expert in varicose veins treatment, do not hesitate to contact our specialist clinic in the treatment of varicose veins to carry out a specific diagnosis of your ailment.

How to understand that there is a blood clot in the leg?

Only a specialist, phlebologist, or vascular surgeon can reliably understand that there is a blood clot in the leg. And even a specialized specialist will need instrumental support for an ultrasound examination of blood vessels. It is possible to assume that you have blood clots in the veins by the following signs:

  • Edema.
  • Blueness of the skin.
  • Soreness, swelling of tissues, redness of the skin along the veins.

How to recognize blood clots in the leg, symptoms, and treatment?

Blood clots in the leg can be identified using ultrasound duplex scanning. The following symptoms indicate the presence of blood clots in the veins: swelling, pain, and discoloration of the limb. The best option for diagnosis and subsequent treatment is to contact an excellent phlebological center.

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