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Best Ear Protection for Shooting

28 May 2023, 20:24 GMT+10

Step confidently onto the range and safeguard your hearing with the best ear protection for shooting. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a beginner, choosing the right gear is crucial to prevent long-term hearing damage.

Discover cutting-edge electronic earmuffs and custom-fit earplugs for an exceptional shooting experience that blends excitement and safety. With a focus on comfort and superior noise reduction, Musket Hunting's best ear protection for shooting gives another great overview of your options.

1. Defender Safety

When it comes to choosing the best ear protection for shooting, Defender Safety leads the list. Defender Safety Decitech E2 Electronic in Ear Hearing Protector is one of their best options. It features an NRR rating of 22dB and meets the EN 352 rating.

This piece can be used in manufacturing, shooting range, construction, and law enforcement. It provides lightweight thanks to its design which can fit different ear canals. The outdoor settings handle filtration of the distance of sound, while indoor settings filter small distances. Defender Safety Deciteth E2 Electronic in Ear Hearing Protector resists water and sweat, making it easy to use all year round.

2. Surefire Sonic Defenders

Surefire's Sonic Defenders have gained immense popularity among shooters as one of the most sought-after hearing protection options. They are available in different colors for different shooting scenarios and boast several practical designs that set them apart. The earplugs feature a polymer ear hook system that effectively secures them in place, even during movement or under overload.

In terms of fit, they outperform many other earplugs currently available. The triple-flange ear tips firmly grip the inner ear, increasing the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to an impressive 24 decibels. The Sonic Defenders incorporate a wire connecting the left and right plugs to prevent misplacement. They sit flush against the ear in a low-profile manner, allowing simultaneous use with earmuffs for optimal hearing protection.

The standout feature of Sonic Defenders is the porthole that runs through them, with a closing cap at the end. Users can hear and converse normally by opening the cap, but when closed, their ears are shielded from loud discharges. This unique design eliminates the need to remove earplugs entirely when conversing.

3. Mack's Ultra Soft Earplugs

Mack's Ultra Soft offers an exceptional NRR reduction while maintaining optimum comfort. They can reduce noise levels by up to 32 decibels when used correctly. Proper insertion involves:

  • Rolling the earplug into a tube shape.
  • Pulling your ear upward to straighten your ear canal.
  • Inserting the earplug deeply.

After insertion, hold your finger in your ear for a few seconds while the earplug expands to fit the shape of your ear canal. Unfortunately, many people misuse this type of earplug, causing the foam to expand outward and reducing its effectiveness.

4. Sordin Supreme PRO X

Some individuals aren't fond of head-mounted earmuffs and find earplugs equally unappealing. As a result, they are left with the choice of settling for one or the other. However, there's a fortunate solution available: the Sordin Supreme Pro-X. It offers a neckband variant that allows you to maintain your personal preference, comfort, and performance without compromise.

When engaging in outdoor shooting activities frequently, you'll inevitably encounter wet conditions at some point. In such situations, the Supreme Pro-X earmuffs prove to be highly practical. They are equipped with two waterproof microphones, enabling you to enjoy excellent sound quality and amplification even in wet conditions.

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