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Must-Have Home Features Buyers Want Most

07 Jun 2023, 05:24 GMT+10

Buying a new home is an exciting life event! The prospect of a new mortgage, new neighbors, and even a new yard to maintain can all add enthusiasm to the decision.

If you're looking at homes right now, it's natural to feel overwhelmed by the myriad choices for house features. But don't worry. We're here to walk you through the must-have features of your new home.

Read on to learn about the must-have home features buyers want most.

Aesthetic Flooring

Flooring is one of the most defining features of a home interior and can make a profound statement. Buyers want ownership of a polished, stylish, and inviting space, and flooring can provide that. Hardwood floors are classic yet stunning.

Ceramic tiles come in various colors and patterns, offering a modern look. Cushy carpets invite warm tones and comfort to any space.

Vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular due to its on-trend styles, durability, and low cost. Luxury vinyl tile offers a luxury finish for the homeowner to adorn their space while keeping a tight budget.

Flooring can be the showstopper and will undoubtedly add value and appeal to any home.

Large Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets have become incredibly popular in recent years, as they can provide homeowners with functional and luxurious storage space.

These spacious rooms can be an excellent feature for potential buyers, as they can offer storage and convenience in a single place.

With enough space to store plenty of clothing, shoes, accessories, and an organized layout, buyers will surely be pleased with a large walk-in closet.

Additionally, these closets can help buyers create a tranquil sanctuary to relax and organize their items.

Ultimately, walk-in closets can be the perfect addition to any home and serve an essential purpose in buyers' minds.

Ample Living Space

Having the right amount of usable space is essential for comfort and efficiency, which is why many prospective buyers focus so heavily on this area when searching for the perfect home.

Ample living space can mean different things depending on the needs of the individual, from extra bedrooms for guests to more space for home offices, storage areas, and recreational areas.

It also accounts for open space between rooms and larger communal areas for hosting gatherings. Ultimately, buyers want to feel they have enough space to accommodate their lifestyle without making sacrifices.

Natural Light

Natural light is one of the most desired features homebuyers look for when purchasing a home. Homebuyers want plenty of windows to let natural light in.

Skylights are also an attractive feature as it adds brightness to the home. Having floor-to-ceiling glass doors leading to narrow balconies of outdoor airspace with views overlooking nearby parks, rivers, and mountains are desirable features.

Adding interior windows, such as picture windows in living rooms and dens, are attractive and offer a great light source. Having windows with various heights and shapes adds a lovely aesthetic to any room.

Natural light is an asset to any home that offers both form and function, making it a must-have feature for many homebuyers.

Outfitting with Smart Technology

Innovative technology is becoming an increasingly essential feature for home buyers. It provides advantages in convenience, security, and energy efficiency.

  • Automated lights
  • Thermostats
  • Voice-controlled devices
  • Home security systems

These digital assistants can all work together to make your life easier and more efficient. Innovative technology can also help you monitor activity remotely, save money on utilities, and keep your home safe while away.

Many of the features can be accessed via your smartphone or a tablet, creating a more immersive experience for buyers regarding controllability.

There are many advantages to integrating innovative technology into your home, and the trend is staying for the foreseeable future.

Designing an Inviting Kitchen

When designing an inviting kitchen, there are certain features buyers want most. These must-haves include plenty of countertop space to work on, reach for food preparation, adequate cabinetry, and a pantry to store dry goods.

However, today's buyers are also looking for features like

  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Durable countertops
  • Kitchen Layout

It can help and allows for multiple people to work. They want custom features such as a breakfast bar or an island to provide more space for food preparation and storage and cupboards with enough storage for all the cooking tools they need.

Finally, a well-designed kitchen should be warm and inviting and include an open space for hosting guests and family events.

Bathroom Amenities and Upgrades

Bathroom amenities and upgrades are some of the most sought-after and desired features for home buyers. From heated towel racks to free-standing showerheads, upgraded bathrooms add both convenience and luxury to a home.

From overflow soaking tubs to vessel sinks, bathroom upgrades look great and provide functionality. Heated floors are a must-have for those cold winter mornings, plus a more oversized shower with multiple showerheads offers a spa-like experience at home.

Motion-sensor faucets and anti-scald thermostatic valves are beneficial when limiting water temperature for safety purposes. A home can provide increased comfort, convenience, and value through these features.

Accessorizing with Outdoor Features

Buyers are prioritizing outdoor features on their must-have list when buying a home. Outdoor features such as

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Porches

These are becoming increasingly popular with the rising trend in outdoor living. Adding a deck or patio with outdoor furniture, fire pits, or even an outdoor playground for kids increases the value of your home and creates a more enjoyable living space.

Landscaping also contributes to the overall beauty of a home, giving it a boost in both property value and curb appeal. If you want to accessorize your home with these outdoor features, please contact this real estate agent to help make your dream home a reality.

A Guide to Home Features Today

Today's buyers have clear preferences when it comes to desired home features. By knowing these features, you can make sure your home stands out from the competition and make it the top choice for buyers.

So don't wait; take action today and make sure your home has the features buyers want most!

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