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Vintage doesn't mean outdated. There is a space that looks old and brings back old trends. Use a soft, vintage style and add calming touches like freshly cut flowers and expensive-smelling candles. Be excited to use color in a retro bathroom. Neutral colors are often associated with stark modernism. The goal of a vintage room is to feel cozy, which means using soft fabrics and putting out personal items.

No matter why a homeowner likes vintage decor, there's no denying that these pieces from the past can give a home style and character. When used right, retro decor can change the look and feel of a whole room. A lot of rooms, like bathrooms with quartz countertops, can look better with retro decor.

What are Examples of Vintage Vibes in Interior Bathroom Design?

According to data from CNBC, the same month in 2021 was 40% more popular. This is because people are staying home more and more.

Large bathtubs are used more often than ever before. Bathtubs are meant to be soaked and feel relaxed after a long day's work. Considering you will be lying down the whole time, the bathtub should be comfortable.

People over six feet tall find large bathtubs to be the most comfortable. This is to suggest looking for a bathtub that is over 70 inches long when you go shopping is something to think about. Yet, your bathroom space should also be a deciding factor for this.

A vintage theme is one of the most common trends in home decor right now, especially for bathrooms. Adding modern functions lets you get ideas from history and give it a fantastic look. Changing your bathroom into a vintage wonderland can be architecturally interesting, but it may take some study and planning.

Let's look at some fabulous retro bathroom ideas that have the charm of the past and the convenience of today.

1. Put Floral Wallpaper That Looks Old

Remember that color is the most important thing to consider when picking floral prints for a small bathroom. This design for small bathrooms is better for making the room look bigger. To make things more interesting, put the paper on the fifth wall, the roof.

2. Use Colors That are Both New and Old

You can mix modern and vintage bathroom colors, but you should start with one. She also says to choose colors from your background that you like or choose primary colors like cobalt blue or tomato orange for a more authentic retro look. These colors need to be bold but not bright. Choose colors that have been toned down to give them a more natural tone.

3. Hang Chinoiserie Prints on the Wall

Chinoiserie is challenging to define, but it exudes elegance and beauty. If you want to elevate the look of your room, consider using chinoiserie wallpaper, which depicts idealized scenes from the East. You can also decorate your furniture, fabrics, and dishes in this style.

A decorated wall is a fantastic option that stands out. It allows you to showcase your personality and style. A feature wall can highlight architectural details, create separate spaces, or highlight your interests. Choose a wallpaper that adds color, movement, and excitement. This cherry blossom and bird design perfectly captures the mystery and intrigue of chinoiserie interior design.

4. Create Neutral Scheme

Suppose you're lucky enough to have a vintage home with beautiful original features like wooden ceiling beams, wood floors, original fireplaces, or open stone walls. Consider a more straightforward look by decorating with neutral colors. When it comes to vintage bathroom ideas, less is often more.

Melanie Griffiths, director of Period Living, says that the unique charm of a period home comes from its original parts. "In interior design, it's best to show off these features as much as possible instead of hiding them."

How to Achieve a Retro Look in Your Bathroom?

A retro bathroom is trendy because it has a timeless style and exciting details. There are many beautiful features and fittings that you can mix and match to create the perfect look for your home, along with furniture and decor that fit the period.

So, no matter what kind of house you live in, here are some tips for making a retro bathroom that will make everyone who walks in say, "Wow!"

Below are the ways you can make your bathroom feel vintage:

1. Create a mid-century color

Before discussing how to make a retro bathroom, we should ensure the style fits with the time your house was built. This will bring out the best in your home's original features. For example, a small, independent tub may feel more at home in a Victorian terrace bathroom. In contrast, a 1960s home may benefit from mid-century storage and color.

During the years that mid-century modern was popular, fun colors like pink, blue, olive green, and orange were used. Suppose you're afraid to try a specific color in another room, like this fun bubblegum pink, and paint your bathroom walls with it. You'll stay true to your style while adding some fun new colors.

2. Incorporate a Freestanding Bathtub

Retro baths are in classic Victorian style and have funny feet and shapes. There are also accessories to go with them, like a two-way shower or taps that look old. Like this Indu's right-hand corner bath, a curvy bath looks like it came from the 1960s or 1970s and would go well with art and furniture.

For instance, the walls of bathrooms were made of wood, and the porcelain tiles were hand-painted. The washstand was a piece of bedroom furniture for the first wealthy Victorians. It had a lot of carvings and a white marble top. If you want to put an independent bath in a small bathroom, you should put it near an outside wall where the drain pipes are. This also helps make the best use of the rest of the bathroom's space.

On the otherhand, there must be at least 50mm of space between a freestanding bath and any wall surface. This is so that you can move the bath as you get in and out of it. At this point, your bath may be put on some wood pieces so that the final connections can be made under it.

Yes, you can even choose a toilet that looks like it came from the 1970s. Adding a traditional toilet like this Whitechapel low-level toilet to your old bathroom will make it feel even more like the time it was made in. Or you can go all out and install something with a longer chain and pipe, like this beautiful Whitechapel high-level toilet that looks like it was made in the early 20th century.

3. Learn About Storage

We've talked about vanity units and how you can find your style depending on what era of retro bathroom you're making. Even storage units are the same way. Just stop by a vintage furniture store near you and pick one up to give your space an authentic retro look. You could choose one in the colors you want or paint one yourself to make it fit the style.

However, when choosing for storage, it shouldn't forfeit its purpose so that it could fit the whole vintage vibes. Still, a decluttered bathroom will make you feel at peace regardless of your design choice.

4. Choose a Set of Colors

Popular colors for a Victorian-style bathroom are black and white, checkered floor tiles, white subway wall tiles, rich greens, maroons, purples, mustards, terracottas, pinks, and teals. Retro can also be made with art and clothes from the 1950s and 1960s.

This bathroom's toucan wallcovering is amusing. You an modernize the look of your bathroom by using, powder blue, tropical pink, teal, and green. Add black accents on the striped tile floor, lamp fixture, and hardware to achieve a classic look.

For a harmonious bathroom palette, use an existing decor piece. An old rug with deep crimson and subdued green can add inspiration to this bathroom's colors. Using wood floors, natural materials, and a soft sage wall can neutralize the rug's warm atmosphere.

On the other hand, the blue bathroom paint is trendy. Pale aqua and denim blue against white highlight the hue's relaxing qualities. Turquoise accents and a painted vanity add color to shiplap walls and a subway-tiled shower. The vibrant purple and forest green add appeal to a rustic bathroom. The wallpaper colors stimulate without overpowering its design, and. It can attract attention upward to widen the small area. Install crisp white shiplap beneath for cottage charm. Shiplap boards' bumps and scratches give them a rustic look, so only smooth them down if they're extreme.

One Last Thought

You can achieve a vintage-style bathroom without breaking the bank. You can easily upgrade the most common things that can be upgraded but are often ignored, like the paint on the walls, the showerheads and faucets, the cabinets, the lights and fixtures, and even bathtubs. This will make your bathroom work better.

When designing your bathroom,, don't forget to have fun and be creative. Bottom line, the goal is to have a relaxing place to soak in after a stressful day.

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