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Bugs are annoying and can be a health hazard. Bites can cause skin irritation, red, itchy swelling, and keep you awake at night. Bug sprays and repellents are ineffective and contain chemicals that keep bugs from biting.

Mosquito-borne diseases pose a continuing threat to global public health, making the development of efficient and effective mosquito control methods essential. An innovative mosquito killer, ElectriZap, has emerged as a powerful solution to address this critical problem.

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A comprehensive review of innovative mosquito eliminators discusses the unique characteristics, effectiveness, and potential applications of the devices, with a particular focus on product strengths. If you're looking for a solution to fly and bite bugs without interrupting your outdoor activities, the ElectriZap may be the perfect solution. The bug zapping device effectively kills bugs and insects in seconds.

What is ElectriZap?

ElectriZap is an effective pest control product sold throughout the United States. ElectriZap's primary target is mosquitoes, but other small flying insects also appear to be trapped within the device and killed. Like many products in this niche pest control industry, ElectriZap claims to kill mosquitoes quietly, efficiently, and reliably.

The main claim to fame for this device is the combination of LED lights and suction fans. Attract insects with LED lights. It makes sense; scientific studies have repeatedly found that flying insects, such as mosquitoes, are attracted to LED lights. When a bug gets close enough to his ElectriZap trap, a suction fan draws the bug inside, dehydrating it to death.

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Although this product is fairly new, it is quickly gaining a reputation in the pest control industry. With thousands of devices already on order, we don't expect that demand to slow down in the coming months. Consumers can purchase the device through ElectriZap's official website, but it doesn't appear to be available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores or major online retailers.

Another important feature of ElectriZap is the low noise level of the device. One of the biggest complaints consumers have about conventional mosquito traps, he says, is how loud they are. Most zappers make a loud noise every time they zag an insect.

This is especially common in some parts of the country. ElectriZap's dehydration process does not require zapping, so noise is greatly reduced. It's also worth noting that ElectriZap is far more secure than many traditional bug killers. An open bug zapper is dangerous.

It is especially dangerous in the hands of children who may accidentally move the Device. ElectriZap also contains no harmful chemicals, making it safer than the smelly sprays consumers use to keep pesky bugs away.

Technical specifications.

360 UV

Grip loops for different positions

Non Slip base.

Charge with USB type

Battery life: up to 15 hours

Charging time: up to 8 hours

Free size: 125×52 140mm

Power-supply voltage: 750V

Charger: 5V-2A

No toxic or harmful chemicals are required to operate this outdoor bug killer

Turn off your portable bug killer before cleaning

Features of ElectriZap.

Powerful LED ElectriZap emits a super bright LED light that attracts bugs from all directions. The light covers up to 375 square feet and offers 360 degrees of protection. This device can be hung or placed on a surface to attract insects from all directions. ElectriZap can also be used as an artificial light source due to its wide coverage.

RECHARGEABLE - The insect killer uses innovative technology and has a high capacity battery that lasts up to 20 hours. Using the included USB cable will charge the battery faster. Perfect for a full day.

WATERPROOF - The gadget has 1PX7 water resistance to protect you from liquids and splashes. The waterproof feature allows the ElectriZap to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Compact, lightweight and portable - ElectriZap takes up very little space for its size. The lightweight and portable features allow you to take your device anywhere when traveling or camping.

HANDLE - The ElectriZap lantern comes with a handle so you can easily carry it during outdoor activities. You can also hang your gadgets instead of laying them on a flat surface.

User Friendly - ElectriZap has no complicated controls and is easy to use. ElectriZap can be used by anyone following the user manual.

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EASY TO CLEAN - The insect killer has a built-in brush that sweeps away dead insects from the inner coil. At the bottom of the device is a compartment that collects zapped bugs. Alternatively, dead insects can be shaken off from below.

DURABLE - ElectriZap can be used in cold or warm weather.


The ElectriZap Zap is an effective insect zapping system that works anywhere. Simply switch on the device and run to effectively protect against mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

Attract bugs and zap:

ElectriZap's main feature is its ability to attract and exterminate bugs. Beetles are naturally attracted to light and will fly towards it to consider it a food source. If the bug tries to touch the light, it hits the electric coil instead, zapping it and killing it instantly.

Purple LED:

While some pesticides use UV light to attract insects, the ElectriZap Zap uses purple LEDs. According to the manufacturer, purple LEDs attract insects to the device and provide effective protection against mosquitoes.

No Harmful Chemicals:

Some people use insecticides and other man-made solutions to attract and kill insects.For example, you can spray your garden to get rid of mosquitoes. ElectriZap Zap is a more natural solution without toxic chemicals. You can enjoy a bug-free environment without poisoning your family and pets.


ElectriZap comes with a rechargeable, long-lasting battery. portable.

The ElectriZap Zap has a rechargeable battery so you can take it anywhere. This pesticide is designed for indoor and outdoor use and can easily be taken camping, hiking, or anywhere without electricity.

Stand or hang:

ElectriZap stands up on its own. This device also has a fabric loop that allows you to hang it around your home or garden. Whether used as a lamp or hung from an outdoor loop, the ElectriZap zap can stand or hang anywhere. With all these features and more, ElectriZap hopes to help you enjoy summer without uninvited pests. It is marketed as a next-generation mosquito trap that effectively and naturally kills insects without the use of harmful chemicals, removing mosquitoes and other unwanted insects from the air.

How to use ElectriZap.

ElectriZap is easy to use for everyone. The three-step process recommended by the manufacturer is:

Step 1) Charge your ElectriZap Zap using the included micro USB cable. The LED indicator on the device will glow red while charging. When fully charged, the light will turn green. At this point, ElectriZap is ready to use.

Step 2) Turn the rotary switch on top of the device until it clicks. If done correctly, the purple LED will illuminate. The device is now running and is starting to attract errors.

Step 3) Place ElectriZap in the debug area and leave it running for at least 2 hours. Many people place themselves in the area before arriving. For example, exterminate insects from an area. You can leave your device running in your garden before sitting outside.

How ElectriZap works.

This device uses powerful LED lights to bring insects closer. When a mosquito or fly gets close enough to his ElectriZap, a suction fan inside the device sucks it in. The worm then rapidly becomes dehydrated until it dies. After a while, you can remove the ElectriZap reservoir and dump the dead bugs in the trash or outside. Wiping down the inside of the device is useful to prevent odors from developing over time.

ElectriZap uses no electric shocks or harmful chemicals, so the device is completely safe around children and pets. This is a huge advantage, as alternative bug killers can be dangerous if children, dogs, and cats have access to them.

Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

The company offers discounts on all ElectriZap orders on its official website. Available packages are:

Get ElectriZap for $49.95 + $7.95 each shipping and handling

Get 3 ElectriZaps for $39.95 each + free shipping

Get 5 ElectriZaps for $29.95 Each + Free Shipping

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ElectriZap accepts payments via PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover. All information you submit on the order page is secure and encrypted.

ElectriZap comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all new orders. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your gadget, you may contact customer service within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

ElectriZap pros and cons

Pros of ElectriZap

Using this device has many advantages over other insecticidal methods on the market. Some of the notable ones are:

Attracts and kills annoying mosquitoes.

Long lasting battery

Compact, portable and hangable

Easy to use and easy to clean.

It's excellent quality.

Completely silent. You can connect this device to a power supply and it will not generate any noise when operating.

Use anywhere

It's very affordable. One unit is only $40.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund.

Cons of ElectriZap:

ElectriZap is not effective over a wide area:

This is one of the drawbacks of this insecticide. It works better if it's close to the user rather than all over the room. This means that if you have a lot of space, you may need to purchase multiple zappers. Well, most people may find it very difficult.

Not commercially available:

It is a product that is difficult to find if you try to purchase it outside the official website. ElectriZap is only available on his website from the manufacturer. You can place your order there and choose to pick it up. At this time, we have not released any products to online marketplaces such as Amazon. Therefore, it is very limiting for many people who want to buy it.


Are ElectriZaps noisy?

Absolutely not. Reviews consistently suggest that the ElectriZap is considerably quieter than the traditional Bug his zapper. The ElectriZap fan may make some noise as it draws in bugs, but it is likely much quieter than the zapper.

Does ElectriZap stink?

There should be little or no odor coming from your ElectriZap device. Leaving dead flies and mosquitoes in the container for too long can cause unpleasant odors. To avoid this, the inside of the device should be emptied and cleaned regularly during use.

Is ElectriZap dangerous or toxic?

  1. The device does not use electric shocks, so consumers don't have to worry about keeping it out of reach of children and pets. No chemicals are used, so there is no risk of long-term adverse effects from using it.


ElectriZap is an insect-proof lantern that protects you from bugs and bugs. The bug repellent has a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 20 hours without recharging. Provides up to 375 square feet of protection.

The unit's compact design and light weight allow you to enjoy an insect-free space anywhere. You can use the device both indoors and outdoors. It emits no odors or chemicals, making ElectriZap safe to use around pregnant women, children and pets.

ElectriZap consumes minimal energy. So you don't have to worry about extra electricity bills. According to the manufacturer, ElectriZap is more effective than traditional insecticides.

The equipment is easy to maintain and clean. It comes with a cleaning brush that allows you to remove dead bugs from the coil. The insect repellent device is aesthetically pleasing and has a sleek design. The device has a blue LED light that can be used as an artificial ambient light source. You can hang your ElectriZap or place it anywhere you like on a flat surface.

ElectriZap is affordable, and the company offers his 30-day money-back guarantee on all first orders.

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